What is Computer Security for computer users

When you are on Computer than it is very important to secure your valuable data. The reason for this is that, on a LAN someone can remotely access your local drive or sniff your data packet without physical access to your computer except some good security measures are put in place to prevent such attempt.

It is very important to ensure that data in transit should not be accessed, modified or tampered by unauthorized persons either in Local LAN or on Internet. Your Hardware must be safe from any damage and disruption of service must not be happened.

local area network (LAN) and Wide area network (WAN) are more vulnerables to network data attacks such as data theft and data manipulations and in standalone computer it is safe to be accessible from Unauthorized. Computer security (also known as cybersecurity or IT security ).

Computer Security Areas

Computer-based Security
Network based Security
SmartPhone Security

Security Threats

Computer Threats
Network Threats
Physical Threats

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